S&A water chiller for lab electromagnetic induction cooling

Now, S&A chiller show a case regarding cooling lab equipment-electromagnetic induction.
The customer from a university has bought 2 units of water chiller CW-6200 and reflect the chiller running very well so far. Now there are still two lab equipments needing to be cooled. One requires the chiller with 10KW cooling capacity and another has 2-3KW cooling capacity. It is better to use one chiller to cool 2 equipments at the same time.
In fact, S&A chiller CW-7800 is able to satisfy the demand, which has dual inlet & outlet water loop to cool 2 equipments at the same time.

Besides, we are equipped with 30 meters remote control to avoid heat and noise interfering.

CW-7800 technical parameter:http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/ChillerCW780019KWref.html


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