Male Masturbation Side Effects Myths And Truths About Getting Off

Most guys have been warned at one time or another about the next masturbation side effects in fact it is safe to say that the vast majority of males have spent a while following the fact wondering if they were really true. But also for any man who offers wondered if his blurred vision is the result of way too many adult movies, its time to understand the truth.

Common Beliefs about Masturbation Accurate or False?

Hairy palms Many a mother or father has tried to frighten their small boys from experimenting down there with the idea that it causes curly hair to develop on the palms of the hands. This myth thats all it really is has been passed down for generations to scare children away from touching themselves, which was thought to be a mortal sin by some religious groups.

Hair loss This notion could be a bit more believable than the idea of growing locks on the palms of the hands, and it could have a (very shaky) basis actually. While it holds true that frequent masturbation can raise levels of the hormone testosterone, and high degrees of testosterone are believed to affect male pattern baldness, there is absolutely no proven hyperlink between jacking off and a receding hairline. In fact, if this were the case, almost all men would be bald, so that it is probably not worth a lot of concern.

Blindness That is another fiction passed down by tradition; there is merely no evidence that masturbating can cause a guy to go blind.

Decreased testosterone In this case, while it might seem logical, the opposite is actually true. As mentioned above, masturbation can actually raise the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream. On the other hand, frequent masturbation may result in a decreased sperm count, which may be easily resolved by abstaining for a couple days.

Acne A connection between acne and cara untuk menghilangkan komedo appears quite logical; teenage boys who experience acne frequently see their 1st breakouts at a comparable time they begin tinkering with self-stimulation. However, this connection is mainly a coincidence; there is no physiological link between breakouts and ejaculation.

Penis sensation loss Out of all of the common beliefs about masturbation, this may actually turn into a problem. Frequent masturbation can in fact cause minor damage to the skin of the penis and is usually vaguely similar to the calluses that may develop on the hands and feet. In addition, it can lead to a deadening influence on the nerves that lie under the outer dermal tissue. However, this issue can be easily prevented by treating the penis epidermis with rejuvenating vitamins, nutrients and moisturizers that speed healing and provide nerve tissue support.

The benefits of nutrient treatments on penis health

For men who want to take full advantage of penis sensation and the enhance pleasures of and sexual intercourse, a specially designed penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing nutritional vitamins, antioxidants and all-natural may assist in improving the health of the penis skin. By keeping the skins suppleness and natural smoothness and providing nutrients that are recognized to have a positive influence on nerve health, men of all ages can heighten the knowledge of masturbation and decrease the damaging effects of friction.