Pink bag’s fashion show

Red is a popular color in summer for most girls, especially for the red and pink lovely bag from wholesale supplier of bag in China. Now in this summer, how could you miss the pink bag fashion show in the street? Picking up your pink bag and have a show now.


Pink is undoubtedly the hottest color of the season, whether it is the face of makeup, the bodies new clothes, new shoes, or foot, have spared something to do with the color. To be honest, pink previously been giving ambiguous feeling, always gave people a feeling of dreams, but on the other hand, pink if used improperly, is likely to give people the "old fashioned" feeling like China high-grade canvas printing bag, so many people this color has been kept at a distance. However, this situation has now changed significantly, and now there are only pink stylish atmospheres, and some just as girlish soft feel, very impressive. Square-type Pink Bag is an example of fine craftsmanship combined with a playful appearance, people at first sight.


If you go to the market of China traditional embroidery bags wholesale, you will find the pink embroidery bags’ fashion and popularity.