Penetration rate of fiberglass chopped strand mat

Fiberglass chopped strand mat penetration rate is increased in the domestic standard. There aren’t any in the foreign standards.
Chopped strand mat is mainly used to produce fiberglass products. So the speed of the resin absorption and delivery has a large impact on the production of fiberglass. As our most application of fiberglass in hand lay-up area, this indicator is very important. Since 1992, we have been tracking the test method formulation of national standards, seek instrumented test methods, but so far the process is still under developed. Penetration rate criterion is based on the IS0 3717: 1975. "Determination time of fiberglass mat and woven fabric resin-impregnated " and (referred to as target the Tour de France) developed.
Its main principle is: the amount of resin is injected into the sample, with the resin immersion, the sample from opaque gradually become to transparent, though measuring the time to complete the process, required to express the sample impregnated rate. This method is simple, easy to promote, and facilitate corporate control test. Because different people has different ideas for sample "transparent" criteria, there are some subjective factors, but does not affect the material properties of the final judgment. Through repeated testing of the material, from the survey results, the test results of the repeatability and reproducibility is good. For now, this method is an effective, reliable and rapid test method. Through training inspectors and unified observation standards and other means to reduce the influence of subjective factors.