Fiberglass manufacturing process

There are three manufacturing methods: “clay crucible method“, “on behalf of a platinum crucible method“, “furnaces method”.
"Clay crucible method" is the most primitive process, which main raw material is the waste of broken glass.
"On behalf of a platinum crucible method" is the widely used process method, the raw material is the glass balls.
Clay crucible method and substituting platinum crucible method is both called crucible drawing method. Crucible method, It’s also known as "two-step method", Which is use mineral raw materials according to the requirements of the recipe made of the glass beads, then sent on behalf of a platinum crucible drawing remelt Houla Si. This approach not only causes a secondary waste of energy, and poor single output, high production costs, It can’t satisfy a variety of species production (fiberglass tubes,fiberglass cloth, fiberglass sheet, etc.).
"Furnaces method" is the most advanced technology method, the raw material is "pyrophyllite" based slag mixture. Chiyaolasi is also known as "one-step", it does not need to be made of glass beads, but directly to the various components natural raw ore according to the proportion. And pull into pool kiln molten drawing in a same time. Compared with the crucible drawing method, a direct-melt method is a simplified process, reduced energy consumption, less platinum-rhodium alloy occupancy, low production costs and can meet series of advantages required such as the integrated multi-species, high-quality and so on.