How To Use Your Iphone And All Its Features

While many people want to buy a smartphone, such as an iPhone, they are often unsure of how to use it. This article offers a handpicked selection of tips and tricks that can maximize the features and functions of the iPhone. Keep reading for some great information. How To Use Your Iphone And All Its Features

Your iPhone is like a small GPS. The maps application is integrated into the software when you purchase the phone, and it allows you to view your location whenever you have service. It will instruct you on how to get to your destination without issues.

Getting a larger keyboard will make it easier to browse the web with your iPhone. It's not necessary to run out and purchase a new keyboard. Simply turn your phone sideways, get to the Safari address bar, and there you go. You now will have a bigger keyboard that makes typing easier and faster.

You can make a phone call with one tap while using Safari. You might run across a number you want to call if you're searching for, say, a restaurant online. When you find a number, you don't have to go to the phone part of the iPhone. Simply tap the number you see on the screen and instantly it dials the business you are trying to connect to.

Buy a screen protector to use on your iPhone. If you don't apply a screen protector, your phone can suffer from scratches and nicks. All it takes is a small piece of dirt to cause a bad scratch. Your Iphone deserves a protective screen to keep it looking new.

You can use the iPhone to travel from one spot to the next. The iPhone's map can be used as a GPS to help you find your way to locations, as well as to find attractions. You can bookmark the map feature for easy access on your phone.

Iphone Tips And Tricks You Would Never Have Thought Of On Your Own You can create your own shortcuts and dictionary with your iPhone. This feature allows the phone to understand your speech. In addition, you can add more phrases to make more shortcuts. Finally, your phone's autocorrect will correct typed words and phrases based on its dictionary.

How To Use Your Iphone And All Its Features The iPhone gives you the flexibility of being able to capture a picture directly from the cord your headphones. For starters, get the frame of the photo that you want to take. Then, when you are ready to take your picture, push the button on your headphone cord. That takes the photo for you. Follow the same steps as usual to save or alter the photo.

Add efficiency to messaging by using this technique. You don't have to use a word that the dictionary suggests; you can just tap on the screen in any location in order to dismiss it. An "X" out option appears, as you can simply neglect this.

By reading this article, you have likely learned some iPhone functions you were probably unaware of. Take what you have learned and go forward!