Your Very Own Moroccan Lanterns

Your Very Own Moroccan Lanterns

Have you thought about trying something unique to decorate your home, so as to shed that boring ambience? Something that is both unique and amazing as well as does not burn a hole in your pocket. Incredible but true, such things are here still in these days. Among many one is Moroccan lantern. In first appearance they would mesmerize you with its exquisite quality of traditional middle-east carvings. They are made over mainly dual kinds of bases that of metal and glass.


Both table lanterns and hanging lanterns are available. You can either buy one that lets you burn a custom candle or can be lighted through electricity. They can be hanged or placed inside your drawing rooms or staircase or verandah. Landscape designing too use them with much variety.


Varieties of Moroccan lanterns


The lanterns that are made on glass bases are mainly made up of joined pieces of several glass pieces; some on simple glass pieces and some on textured ones. Luscious colors are used to taint them. Metal Moroccan lanterns prefer either lattice or filigree patterns. In fact these metal Moroccan lanterns cast amazing play of light and shadow on walls and ceilings. A magical touch and feel are spun inside your room modifying your commonplace room into a place just out of the world of ‘Arabian Nights’.


Henna lamps are made of stretched goat skins and use exquisite decorative designs. These lanterns are usually hand painted and therefore much costlier. Some even implement paprika or saffron dyes and deliver a rustic look to your interiors.


Several kinds of designs and shapes


Moroccan floor lanterns are carved in synchronization with religious laws and therefore are devoid of human figurines. In contrary they display nature and its patterns; geometric shapes and several other symbols. Do you know the significance behind such designs? Well they are believed to be savior from evil spirits or rationally speaking from negative energies.


Take for example fish patterns or water symbols represent fertility.


Which models should be picked up?


Main factor behind choosing a particular piece of Moroccan lantern is the space inside your room. For example a spacious room would let you hang many lanterns; smaller or middle sized; while a small room would be more nicely decorated through a single or at most three standing lanterns. While choosing hanging lanterns, a single big sized would suffice the dimensions.


You may buy your piece easily from wholesale lantern sellers. Many varieties are available at reasonable price. Hope you get a good deal and adorn your home as you like.