Night Fishing light-Use LED underwater fishing lights

Fishing light is essential for every fisherman. When you fish for crappie at night, how do you your use your light? Many night fishing for crappie anglers have different strategies they use for setting up their night fishing lights.One strategy is to keep a small light on board – keep it hidden from the fish to avoid spooking them – but emitting enough light so you can see what you are doing. The most common practice is to set your above water lights so they illuminate across the water. This is great for attracting bugs and small organisms that crappie’s love. The third method which is also my favorite method is the submersible LED underwater fishing light. My 40W 12-24V LED Underwater Fishing Lights is always the best lights for me. Find out which method works for you. Here is a quick guide for using lights to catch crappie at night.

How to use the power of light to Catch Crappie At Night?

If your light is not submersible, you can still use it to attract some fish. The key is to shine the light “across the water” as opposed to “in the water”. The illumination will attract small fish and insects, that will in turn attract with light

I highly recommend you use reliable underwater fishing lights to fish for crappie at night, 100% fish guaranteed with 5 Years’ Warranty. If you do purchase a underwater fishing light you will need to rig it so it is only two or three inches below the water. This way you will have the light far enough from the crappie so it won’t scare them away. (they will be attracted to the deeper areas where the light is a little bit lower – they will eat small fish and organisms attracted to the low light areas)

Crappie don’t like bright lights shined on them anymore then you do. The crappie will not come close to the bright part of your light. You will want to set your night fishing for crappie rigs so they are set up to fish below the lights illumination, this is where the crappie will be attracted too.

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