Best things of LED Light Strip for Car and LED Car Dome Light Bulbs

Led Light strip are now-a-days became more popular because of their advantage of high efficiency and longer lifespan. It has become more popular lighting option for cars and it makes the car more fashionable. Led Light strip has wide range of color and the lights strip are very cheap and easier to install.

LEDs consume drastically less power than ordinary bulbs. For example, the LED dome light I got for inside the car uses 0.5 watts compared to 8 watts used by the old bulb. And while the reduced power may not be as immediately apparent as a house electric bill, it does have advantages. It seriously lightens the strain on the electrical system of your car, both when the engine is running and when it's not. The LED dome light can be on for 16 hours before it's used the same power as the old bulb being on for 1 hour. Here are the facilities with LED Light Strip.

  •  Low power consumption: 12V 0.2W
  •   A fit for most imported and domestic vehicles
  •  Nine high Intensity LEDs in each cube dome light bulb
  • Super ultra-bright Red color to mix with the headlight or fog light

  • Shock and vibration resistant 
  • Last 100 times longer than standard bulbs, lifespan more than 80, 000 hours .
  • Low heat generation, Low power consumption.
  • High intensity, 3 times brighter than stock bulbs.
  • Easy to install, direct replacement for your stock bulbs.
  •  Vivid / Crisp Monochromatic color.s
  • 100% safe to use on Vehicles.

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