Five Important Tips on How to Buy a PST to Thunderbird Converter

Before You Buy a PST to Thunderbird Converter


Thunderbird is one of those terrific email clients that have been accepted internationally for its cross-platform usage. It is not uncommon to see people convert PST to Thunderbird in the hope of better emailing experience and I am sure they do see better things. At least, I did. This conversion can bring you a lot of impressive and customised features provided you do it how it is supposed to be done – through a reliable Outlook PST to Thunderbird converter.


Take these Tips Before You Buy an Outlook PST to Thunderbird Converter


The very first thing that people will tell you before you buy a PST to Thunderbird converter is that Thunderbird itself can convert PST to Thunderbird for you with an in-built application. That’s true, but with certain terms and conditions. First, you will need both Windows Outlook as well as Thunderbird installed in the same machine before you can convert files. Second, you will not get that “in-built” application unless you download an add-on for it which again, may not guarantee whether it is going to convert PST Outlook to Thunderbird with absolute safety as PST files are prone to bloating and corruption.


In addition to this, you must not get allured by the tools which claim to convert PST data to Thunderbird for free. Free as in totally free for the entire mailbox of Outlook. These tools are sure to lack data safety.


Moreover, go for a tool that offers a trial version. If you convert Outlook data to Thunderbird with a trial version, you will not need a better proof of the claims of a converter. Nothing else can be bigger, a better guarantee.  Make sure you do try before you buy.