The Gun Digest Book Of Exploded Gun Drawings Free Download

This collection of exploded guns (line drawings showing each little bit of a disassembled gun) is an ideal aid to anyone looking to identify and order replacement parts, or have a gun apart for cleaning and simple repair. 975 line drawings of disassembled guns are presented, with parts identified by number and a key to those numbers. Along with the detailed, easy-to-understand drawings of long guns and handguns of most types (single-shot, lever action, semi-automatic, bolt action, double, manually-operated repeater, slide action and revolvers) the book also features a source section containing contact information for buying gun parts and supplies. This book will develop into a must-have for gunsmiths, shooters and law enforcement officials! Detailed line drawings of 975 exploded (disassembled) guns Includes a special resource section on gun parts and suppliers!

The Gun Digest Book