Realizing What is the Absinthe High Like?

There are numerous discussion threads on forums regarding Absinthe and how to hallucinate by drinking Absinthe. Lots of people need to know what the best Absinthe to buy for hallucinating is and what is the Absinthe high like.

Unfortunately, these folks are believing the propaganda from the late 19th century and early 20th century and in addition books like Doris Lanier's "Asbinthe The Cocaine of the 19th Century: A History of the Hallucinogenic Drug and its Effect on Artists and Writers in Europe and the United States". On this book Lanier talks about Absinthe being like opium and cocaine in its effects and therefore it caused a rapid lack of both physical and mental faculties. Can there be any truth in this?

Absinthe was well-liked in a time known by some as "The Great Binge", a time when heroin and cocaine were used in children's medicines as well as in beverages. The medical profession pointed out that these chemicals weren't as safe as they thought plus they thought exactly the same concerning Absinthe. They claimed that thujone, a chemical based in the wormwood in the drink Absinthe, was psychoactive and may trigger psychedelic effects exactly like THC in cannabis. They alleged that Absinthe wasn't just a drink that intoxicated people, it was additionally a dangerous drug that gave you hallucinations and could drive you insane. Doctors even put together a name for continuous Absinthe drinking - "Absinthism", that they said brought on:-

- Convulsions
- Delirium
- Insanity
- Brain injury
- Paralysis
- Death

Really, "Absinthism" was just alcoholism, it was nothing special.

Many people blame Absinthe for Van Gogh cutting off his own ear and for his later suicide. But, can we blame a drink for Van Gogh's madness when he had been inflicted by mental illness and depression since he was a child and when we take into account that he mixed Absinthe with turpentine? I don't think so. Absinthe cannot be blamed for the so-called "Absinthe Murder" either. A Swiss man murdered his pregnant wife and children after enjoying two glasses of Absinthe BUT he had also taken five liters of wine, six glasses of cognac and a lot of other alcohol-based drinks!

What is the Absinthe High Like?

The Absinthe "high" just doesn't exist. We now know for sure from tests, that Absinthe isn't an hallucinogen. Even pre ban Absinthe only contained really small levels of thujone, nowhere near enough to cause any effect whatsoever. Yes, you will get drunk swiftly drinking Absinthe, after all it is typically about 70% alcohol by volume (140 proof) that is more powerful than other spirits just like vodka however, you will not trip or get high.

Absinthe is named the Green Fairy but it will not make you see any fairies!. It does give you a different type of drunkenness though. The combination of the high alcohol content, which behaves as a sedative, and also the herbs, that happen to be stimulants, can present you with an incredibly strange "clear headed" or "lucid" drunkenness - an alcohol high. Perhaps this is what artists and writers were referring to after they described Absinthe as their muse, proclaiming that it gave them inspiration and also their genius. Comprehending What is the Absinthe High Like?