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New neurons are produced inside the adult hippocampus all through life kinase inhibitor Abiraterone by neural stem/progenitor cells (NSCs), and neurogenesis is really a plastic approach responsive to external stimuli. We show that canonical Notch signaling by way of RBP-J is required for hippocampal neurogenesis. Notch signaling distinguishesZosuquidar morphologically distinct Sox2(+) NSCs, and inside these pools subpopulations can shuttle concerning mitotically energetic or quiescent. Radial and horizontal NSCs react selectively to neurogenic stimuli. Physical training activates the quiescent radial population whereas epileptic seizures induce growth from the horizontal NSC pool. Remarkably, reduced neurogenesis correlates having a loss of energetic horizontal NSCs in aged mice as opposed to a complete loss of stem cells, and the transition to a quiescent state is reversible to rejuvenate neurogenesis inside the brain. The discovery of a number of NSC populations with Notch dependence but selective responses to stimuli and reversible quiescence has crucial implications for that mechanisms of adaptive studying as well as for regenerative therapy.