Syllabus and main topics for UGC NET computer science

Syllabus and main topics for UGC NET computer science


To perform better in UGC NET computer science exam you must prepare some topics more sincerely. Join best UGC NET coaching in Delhi is one of the best option for preparing the syllabus.   Bellow I suggest some of the important subjects and topics along with some standard writers’ book names.


Data Structure-    All sorting algorithms, data organizing structures, Arrays, stacks, queues, trees, Graphs, linked list, searching,  hashing and file structures  all are important topics. You must refer some standard books to clear all the topics and solve questions more confidently in the exam. Also solve numerical, examples and other questions from the book. Lipschutz’s, “Data Structure” of TMH publications and Galgotia’s “Fundamentals of data structures” are one of the best books for preparing NET.


Operating System-  Operating system structure, system components, concurrent process, producer/consumer problem, process scheduling, CPU scheduling, scheduling algorithms, multi process scheduling algorithms. Deadlock characterization, prevention, avoidance, and detection are some important topics from where both theoretical and numerical questions definitely arise in the exam.  Also prepare memory management, paging and segmentation I/O management and disk scheduling topics for better scoring.


Refer Tannenbaum’s “Operating System Design and Implementation” and Silveschatza, Peterson J, “Operating System Concepts” for self-study. You must practice from some local writers book for numerical and algorithm based questions.


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