[]]["B The Other Side By Lacy M. Johnson"

Lacy Johnson's rich and poetic memoir, The Other Side, chronicles her brutal kidnapping and imprisonment at the hands of an ex-boyfriend, her dramatic escape, and her hard-fought battle to recover.

Lacy Johnson bangs on the glass doors of a sleepy local police station in the midst of the night. Her feet are bare; her body is bruised and bloody; U-bolts dangle from her wrists. She has escaped, however, not unscathed. The Other Side may be the haunting account of an initial passionate and then abusive relationship; the events ultimately causing Johnson's kidnapping, rape, and imprisonment; her dramatic escape; and her hard-fought struggle to recover. At the same time thrilling, terrifying, harrowing, and hopeful, The Other Side offers more than simply a genuine crime record. In language both stark and poetic, Johnson weaves together a richly personal narrative with police and FBI reports, psychological records, and neurological experiments, delivering a fresh and unforgettable story of trauma and transformation.

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