POE: Developer Queries and Answers

It really is time for another Developer Q&A! Our last a person was held in late February and was rather popular. You should post concerns with this forum thread. We'll post the solutions during the news on Thursday NZ time.

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Right here are some guidelines for thoughts:


 We aren't about to take a look at the specifics of future content.

 We're happy to discuss current hot topics like Master Metamods, but we aren't gonna answer any much more thoughts about inter-player drama.

 We recommend phrasing your thoughts within a constructive way.

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 You should check that no a single has previously posted a substantially similar question.

 If you're looking for ideas for non-standard thoughts, consider inquiries about day-to-day existence at GGG, what it takes to get into the games industry, what online games we've been actively playing, and so on. We'd love some variety so that you'll find issues that interest a lot of distinctive forms of players.