Phone calls, sms information and other primary operate is a vital part of the UI

   Blossoms only L5 Plus drop-down selection design is humanization, anywhere in the homepage for the drop-down actions function can be blown out a drop-down selection to view themeizu notice bar details (this can provide user one-handed function experience), from the top to complete the drop-down function again can see quick installation key and the display lighting modification operate. Moreover, the drop-down selection qualifications for the pc wallpapers cloud effect did not use frosted cup handling, so make a drop-down selection more brief and easy to use.
   Long media homepage empty areas can be easily set up pc, substitute such as concept, wallpapers, small parts and special operate. Moreover, according to the primary web page lengthy key can start the qualifications management, a key to change can realize application and clean operate. It is worth referring to that you glide in the display can also start the "daydream" operate, will show no field, is very exciting. meizu m2 note  One only L5 Plus important style with past one cellphone only difference is not big, still the extension of the vibrant, shortened, you will of the flat. In the secure display user interface can apply transmitted music, easily start the camera, glide to open up and drop-down selection operate. The primary web page symbol and wallpapers is also very simple, lengthy media on the symbol to move or remove.
   Phone calls, sms information and other primary operate is a vital part of the UI. Have a life in the plant only L5 Plus cellphone book operate, practical for customers to find close by food, daily shopping, enjoyment and other details. At the same time, also can be in the process of cellphone hands-free,meizu m2 silence, sound, and other features. Overall, extensive enough in primary features, customers can also be practical to use.