Dursen new and Upcoming Men Shoe Brand. Very well, made man leather shoes.

Dursen new and Upcoming Men model baju batik Brand. Perfectly, made man leather shoes.

I recently purchased one of Dursen Shoes new Adventurous collection shoes. Not long ago introduced me to that brand, so I decide to go to the shop in Chicago. I quickly discovered exactly what I wanted! They only have 4 collections and they're all costed under $150 .I was looking for something stylish, but convenience is more vital that you me therefore i tried their Jupiter footwear and was impressed with how versatile the shoe was.

My workplace is filled with pretty guys so I feel the need to maintain. I do, however, need to commute and it involves greater than a little walking. I don't want to have to change between comfortable shoes and great shoes. I certainly need an all in one shoe! The sales person really was knowledgeable and explained the technology behind the footwear and the quality natural leather used to craft it.

I was even more impressed with the price after I found out the top quality of the footwear. Once I left the shop I was intrigued with this brand and just why I hadn't heard of it before. I read additional reviews online and they have a good reputation. I can honestly say initial had that the workmanship is on point. I learned my shoes are wingtip oxfords made with light leather and they're also available in suede.

It has all of the comfort I was looking for and they're really stylish! I get yourself a lot of compliments on my new shoes or boots all the time. They're comparable to a Cole Haan footwear in style and comfort but less than half the price! I got the black on black shoes but they can be found in four different colors; gray, crimson, and green. Like I stated before, all four colors are available in leather and suede.

I've had these shoes for 3 weeks now and so far I've had no issue with them. I know it's still early to say but, at this point, I would recommend the Jupiter to anyone who doesn't wish to spent arm and leg for a shoe that looks good and feels great. For only $88 what more would you ask for?

The whole adventurous line is a couple of different styles. Every one of them, however, are really good looking shoes and all really comfy. They're all made with the same comfy, flexile soles that make them easy to break in. I'd definitely go back to the store know that there's an easily accessible collection of shoes that provide just what I want. Not having to search around different stores and various styles is invaluable to me.