Sipping on Haterade for this Replica Gucci Handbag

Okay, so this new Gucci replica handbag has the talks of everyone and I’m really not sure if I’m feeling so optimistic about it! I kind of think its tacky, bulky and rather ugly. I know, I never thought those words would come out of my mouth about this brand of replica handbags, but it just did! I’m sipping on some HATErade with this one.

At first glance, I almost got sick to my stomach. Okay, okay. So I’m being a little dramatic but let’s get serious here! You’re a prestigious brand and you come out with something like this replica handbag? So they say this replica Gucci handbag has all different country flags and it was designed and clearly inspired by the Olympics that just recently ended. That’s all fine and dandy and I’m not hating on that. In fact, I love representing my country through my fashion and I don’t know anyone else who disagrees with me on that, well, unless you hate your country but that’s a whole other story. My problem with this Gucci replica handbag is how bad it looks. It honestly looks like the designers took an iron and ironed on some craptastic flag coloured logo. It just doesn’t look good, and I’m usually a fan of the worn gucci replica handbag, replica gucci handbag, olympics, country flagand torn look, but nope! Not this time! Plus, Gucci also has amazing continental inspired wallets which I adore! Why couldn’t they make this replica handbag as fabulous as the wallet to save myself, and everyone, the agony?

The only good thing about this replica replica Prada clutch bags handbag is that it celebrates the launch of a charity for Schools in Asia, which is absolutely fabulous! It actually kind of makes me want this replica Gucci handbag, fake Prada red bags but I’d rather donate directly than have to wear this horrendous copy Prada shoulder bags piece.

So, what is it ladies? Are you jumping on this Gucci replica handbag trend or are you taking a ride on this bandwagon and hating every last bit of it?