Application of Water soluble Azone

Water soluble Azone  is easily soluble in water, alcohols, and other properties of oil-soluble azone similar.
Water soluble Azone  is itself a non-ionic surfactant, is an anti-inflammatory agent, when added to the topical drug, due to use of Water soluble Azone  with preservatives, Candida, Gram positive bacteria and bacterial spores have a strong resistance, but also extend product shelf life.
In topical anti-inflammatory drug added in the, Water soluble Azone  often was used to treatment some feet smelly, and lone smelly, and external sprained, and muscle strained drug, and analgesic anti-inflammatory of drug in the and the herbal extraction liquid in the using, can made wash liquid, and wipe agent, and emulsion, and film agent, and cream agent, and spray agent, and this products easy dissolved Yu water phase, its water in the saturated water solution for 6%, winter no crystal, no precipitation, and no layered, and no precipitation, and no color, and General added volume for 1%-4%.
In cosmetics in the, Water soluble Azone  prepared used to production anti-off shampoo, and some function sex of wash liquid, and essence pigment, and tight skin water, and vitamin class, and amino acids class, neural n amine, and AHA, and hair removal cream, and water cream, and plant extraction liquid, and health chest cream, and weight loss cream, and sent class industry as: hot Qian nursing essence liquid, and baked oil, some function sex makeup in the using, General for some effect sex cosmetics, and high-end cosmetics in the using, according to different cosmetics using added volume for 0.5%-6%.
Water soluble Azone  compatibility, with a variety of cationic, anionic, non-ionic surfactants are very easy to match and no need to change the original formula, added cream and skin contact with lubricity, and painting exhibition performance, improve the appearance of paste, making it more delicate and light.

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