MG25J6ES40 Toshiba IGBT Module

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Introducing the MG25J6ES40, the device with six IGBT chips in one package! It is guaranteed to deliver six times as much of the performance and six times as much as the power compared to a single IGBT. Now, that’s what we call a performance!


The MG25J6ES40 is a high-speed, cost-effective Toshiba IGBT module. With the power of six IGBTs inside its package, it’s no wonder it can deliver that speed and power never seen before. And don’t worry about the space and weight. It only takes a space as a single IGBT will, and it only weighs at a very light 0.5 pounds.


Reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness – this is what Toshiba MG25J6ES4 guarantees with your chosen application.