Joanne De Palma Bridges Gap Between Sharp Edges of Sustainable Design and Tradition with Refined Aesthetics Through Luxury Furniture Line

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sustainable design in the luxury space does not have to mean pure practicality. The aesthetic elements that make this type of design relevant in todays interiors can still be present. The introduction of a new product line by Joanne De Palma underscores this new concept.

People want the option of buying furniture that is environmentally conscious, yet still conforms to a more classic look, says Joanne De Palma. While remaining true to her classic training in design, her sustainable furniture collection boasts environmentalism within tradition, making it unique in the sustainable furniture arena, and is now available online.

About the Company

Joanne De Palma Inc. is a full-service, interior design firm, located in New York, which specializes in environmental product design with over 25 years of experience in high-end interior design and decoration. Founder Joanne De Palma weaves the inspirational stories of her larger vision of a healthy future into the product lines that she designs, governed by creativity, functionality and sustainability.