The synthesis of Co minus xMxTiO coated

Fig. 2. SEM micrographs of mica/Co2−xMxTiO4 particles: (a) mica/Co2–xMgxTiO4 (x=0.5), (b) mica/Co2–xNixTiO4 (x=0.5) and (c) mica/Co2–xZnxTiO4 (x=0.5).Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
3.2. X-ray diffraction analysis of doped mica/Co2−xMxTiO4 (M=Mg2+, Mn2+, Ni2+, Cu2+ and Zn2+) composite pigments
In order to investigate Progesterone effect of doping metal ions on the crystal lattice of the mica/Co2−xMxTiO4 composite pigments, we used Mg2+, Mn2+, Ni2+, Cu2+ and Zn2+ as doping ions. Doping ions can influence the lattice parameters of the composite pigments, and lead to change in color and shading power of the pigments. The crystal structures of undoped mica/Co2TiO4 and doped mica/Co2−xMxTiO4 (M=Mg2+, Mn2+, Ni2+, Cu2+ and Zn2+) pigments were determined by XRD method, and are shown in Fig. 3, Fig. 4, Fig. 5, Fig. 6 and Fig. 7, The lattice parameters and d(hkl) values of stop codon pigments were shown in Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, Table 4 and Table 5. The spinel characteristic diffraction peaks of Co2TiO4 can be observed in the patterns at 2θ=29.933, 35.262, 42.856, 53.140, 56.652 and 62.196, which were corresponded to the lattice planes of (220), (311), (400), (422), (511) and (440).