Conclusions In this study the tribochemical wear behavior

The following conclusions could be drawn from this study:1.At high Go 6983 concentrations (>10 vol%), the acid corrodes the coating and makes an unstable layer which is not resistant to wear.2.The wear rates of the dry and wet 5% hydrochloric acid environments were not vividly different.3.Compared to the 5% acidic environment, the increase of the acid concentration to 10 and 15% increased the corrosion rate by 16 and 44%, respectively.4.The increase of temperature from room temperature to 60 °C increased the wear damage rate by 16.65 times, due to a more unstable layer produced as a result of concurrent effects of corrosive environment and high temperature.5.The predominant wear mechanism was the adhesive wear.
AcknowledgmentsThe authors are thankful to the vice chancellor for research, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University for the financial support of this work.