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Shadows of the Vacu, this is the Runelabs idea. They are dark creatures in the old school RS Gold in Karamja. You need to take the task and secure the peace in Karamja. And then you should learn the black ground of the Vacu.

Thousands of years ago, in the steaming jungles of Karamja, the Vacu twisted their bodies and their souls as vessels for ancient evils, the Demon Lords. Blood-soaked rituals and screams of the tormented filtered through the dripping trees as sacrifices were made to sustain the entities preying upon the minds of the jungle.

The Vacu called forth these monstrous Demons onto Gielinor, but they did not emerge unscathed. Souls twisted into oblivion, bodies scarred and disfigured beyond repair, these ancient priests were no longer mere mortals, hounding at the feed of creatures beyond their imagining.

Thought to be long-gone, the dawning of the 6th age and the vast explosions of power across the world from the fall of the Edicts has awoken a darkness below the teeming Jungle continent of Karamja like no other. These hideous creatures invoke horror even with their movements.

Ancient, powerful demonic energy, trapped within a long-dead human shell, these creatures look like little else on Gielinor. Human corpses, rotting with age and the humidity of the jungle, with dark, flickering chaotic energy trying to escape it's husk, stalk the shadows of the Kharazi. As they move, this shadowy energy seems to reach out towards the living, grasping as if to escape from the shell, and take on a new host.

These creatures are clearly not harmless, and are not single-type. From the quick, willowy Vacu Pidra, to the more regular Vacu Maha, to the hulking Vacu Casc, each has unique attacks a player must avoid as they battle these nightmares.

The Pidra are quick, and can fade into the shadows. Maha are slower, but the longer one fights, the more accurate they become and they attack with Ranged and melee. Casc are slow and lumbering, but charge fighting players, and can shrug off attacks with ease while delivering devastating counterattacks. Even more, all three can possess the player, adding a layer of preparing for the Vacu and yourself.

Can you image this? All the powerful, evil, dark creatures are awoken from the jungle. It is time to perform your duties to restoring peace. | Runescape Gold and Runescape 2007 Gold For Sale

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