Rekindled love pride of life !!! Poetry Please, Single Word . . .

In Third Place, Sujata with Rekindled love pride of

When friends turn enemies

What on Earth can rekindle love ?

Forced to rethink, pride not

A life of priorities bumps

Following your dreams can be

Pretty funny, specially if you happen

to get lost in dreamland . . .

Find its happier than ever before !

Up up away, all over again

Whatever ruthless people say

they eliminate evil !!

Starts soothing anything

that you come into contact with

Could ignite hope, not

just reeling under rigid social norms !!!

Given wavering stance

A lot of fuel has gone into

Keeping the burning torch

On tangled web of right processing days !

A gripping race against time

As if dating back to the first

Oracle of history, thumbing through lifes pages,

To enjoy with pride you set everything right

With hottest shy

Over romantic bid bye jetsetting !!

Strumming the lifes tune

Grooving to all forms of music

Laidback feeling that few songs can

With throaty monologue and slick beat

sees the light of the day

that rightful attitude positive paid !!!