History of pajamas

Whether in summer or winter, pajamas have become the necessary thing for most of us. We will buy different pajamas from pajamas manufacturer in China for the daily use. However, have you have any ideas about the history of pajamas? Now we can have a look at it together.


Pajamas have become a symbol of Western way of life. When it comes to the origin of the word, you might surprise, because such "foreign flavor" full of stuff was actually a native of foreign words. The original word pajama is from Hindi, which combination of Persian pai and jamah two words together. Pai means "legs" in Persian, and jamah means "clothes." Like high quality women's nightwear, you can get the idea of pajamas by definition is the leg of clothing - pants. This is an out of the Middle East and Indian wear loose pants, but European settlers were fantastic and gave it a new role - pajamas. At first no pajamas, pajamas and later spread to Europe after the cold, it was invented pajamas.


Now we can see all pajamas in market, such as men's top jersey and woven pant wholesale for the selling of men’s clothes and women will have their special places to buy one.