Whats New In Runescape This Week From Buy RS Gold 4RSGOLD

  4RSGOLD services provider - Runescape has a big implement this week. They updates the old parts of the game to today's standards, fix the bugs and do much harder works of Cheap RS Gold. So let's see what's new this week in Runescape.

  Graphically, players will no longer see green triangles in the particle effect near Wizard Chambers on Tuska's back. A gap on the Tuska Warpriest torso has been fixed. Player choice windows in Legacy Mode have been updated to better suit the Legacy UI. King Black Dragon head objects have been updated to reflect the latest version of the KBD.

  Some previously missing chat has been added to Myths of the White Lands.

  Adamant & rune dragons have been added to the "I have killed..." quickchat. Forcae's journal pages can now be easily added to the journal with a left-click option. More rune dragons have been added to Mount Firewake.

  Elite rune dragons will no longer spawn in safe zones. The Adventurer's Log will now show rune dragon drops. Rune dragons are no longer aggressive. Whoever inflicts the most damage on a rune dragon will now get the drop, rather than the first person to attack. Note that although this is mechanic typical of boss monsters, rune dragons are still affected by Tuska's Wrath.

  Rune dragons no longer regenerate when out of combat. Slayer and combat XP from rune dragons has been increased, using glacors as a baseline. The enhanced blue dragonbreath used in the flying phase of rune dragons now inflicts fixed damage rather than randomised damage.

  Barry lives. There is now a rare chance that an elite dragon will spawn with the name Barry, in honour of the draconic slayer of dragon slayers. The quantity of summoning charms dropped by adamant & rune dragons has been increased from 3 to 4, Buy rs gold to be in line with the desired maximum from mithril dragons.

  Gravestones on Mount Firewake are now relocated to near the World Gate, similar to deaths on Freneskae. The number of adamant dragons assigned by a slayer master has been increased-40-50 for Kuradal and 40-60 for Morvran. Ribbon graphics in the tutorial once again appear disabled when relevant.

  There are many other changes in Runescape. You can experience them by your own now.

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