Yes, this is suggested by a runescape player. The big game hunt is a competitive minigame, revolves several skills, like Hunter, Ranged, Thieving, Agility, Farming and Herblore. Before you get more RuneScape gold details, you can first read briefly what we present here.

  During the Big Game Hunt, you will be taken to a hunting arena where you will compete with another player to obtain the most points. To obtain points, you will have to use all of the above skills, using your agility and archery skills to shoot your prey, your thieving and hunting skills to create cunning traps and lures...

  Leon and Aleck in Yanille are the men that interested players will have to visit. After going through an interactive tutorial with Leon, in which you will be playing against him, you will gain the ability to challenge any other player within their store to a match.

  Here are some basic mechanics.

  A match lasts for 30 minutes or until one player forfeits. Shooting and succesfully killing game grants different amounts of points depending on what game you caught. Each area has differnt game with differing difficulties to catch.

  Running near animals scares them off and causes them to flee at great speed. A smart mix of running to get around and walking to sneak up to game is important. All game is caught in a single hit with your bow, but the chances of actually hitting them vary depending on your ranged level. Missing an animal will cause them to run away.

  While the easier game will often simply be roaming the area, the game worth more points usually requires other methods to cause them to appear. Herbs can be picked all around the area which you can use to brew potions that hide your scent, make your running temporarily silent, increase your chances of succesful hits, increase the chance of more valuable game spawning.

  Bits of scrap and wood can be found around the area which you can use to make traps and lures using your thieving & hunter skills. Traps can apply effects to game that runs into them such as stuns. Lures are used to lure game towards you or cause more valuable game to enter the area.

  Each arena has a creature roaming around which you must avoid at all costs,Cheap Runescape gold as they can deal high damage to you if they catch up to you or spot you.

  Otherwise, you can get many awesome rewards. If you like this, then read carefully on Runelabs.

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