Environmental Services Provided Prior To New Construction

Sites proposed for new construction have to be assessed for environmental contamination prior to the start of building. A site that is contaminated, has the potential for contamination, or is not stable, is not suitable for construction. Building on that land can result in illnesses, injury from shifting foundations, sinking if the ground cannot support the weight of the structure, or other problems and issues. The risk of increased liability would render the site inappropriate for development. The extent of study needed for proper assessment is based on a few factors, such as the previous use of the land, the current use of the land, and the condition of any adjoining lots.

The Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) process begins with phase 1 environmental testing. That refers to the preliminary assessment of the site which includes a visit, review of property records for the proposed site, and of the surrounding parcels of land. The records review, site reconnaissance, interviews, and reporting help to determine if further testing is needed on the site. A soil testing lab, for example, may lead to a recommendation for sample collection and tests being done on soil, rocks, or grass. The actual collection and testing of the area is Phase II of the process. It is needed if potential hazardous material contamination is identified by the arizona phase 1 testing company. Sampling and laboratory testing is completed to confirm the potential or eliminate it.

Most companies that gather samples have to send them off for testing. That takes time and can incur additional costs for the process. Construction companies, developers, engineering companies, businesses, and even home owners can save time and money by using acs services for their environmental service needs. ACS has an accredited laboratory on site so samples can be tested in a timely and cost-effective manner. Contamination can stem from liquids and tires, environmental damage, debris or garbage dumped on a site, or several other sources. Other environmental services provided include asbestos and remediation studies, regulatory compliance services, Investigations for subsurface contamination, underground storage tanks, and soil are available. Environmental consulting services are also available from a team of experienced engineers and technicians.

The company also provides other services such as drilling services and inspections of construction, earthwork, asphalt, masonry, re-bar, concrete, fire proofing, and water proofing. Dry-well testing and percolation testing is also completed. Geo-technical surface studies are available for the construction of bridges, buildings, and highways. Those services include field and laboratory work, soil reporting, seismic refraction surveys, and foundation engineering.