Build Your Xylophone using Arduino

Build Your Xylophone using Arduino

Build your xylophone using Arduino mega. It helps to detect a stuck note and to generate MIDI output. Follow the steps given below to create an Arduino powered Xylophone.

Things you will need:

 1)   1 Arduino mega

2)    Piezo element in the number of 10-12

3)    12 numbers of 1M Ohm resistors

4)    One printed circuit board

5)    One USB 2.0 cord

6)    One single core wire

7)     Electrical tape and Heat shrink

8)     Xylophone material:

i)             Wood glue

ii)            1/4” plywood

iii)           1/8” acrylic sheeting

iv)           1/4" vinyl tubing

v)            One 1/2” long machine screws

vi)           2” masking tape

9)            Laser cutter, scissors

10)          Cotton Swabs

11)          Small flat head screw driver


Piezo elements can be used to detect a knock or a vibration. Sometimes, these elements come with the material of xylophone. You need to first remove their plastic cover. For this, gently press around the edges and the cover will be removed.  When you are using an Arduino mega board, you should keep in mind that you could use 16 analog inputs or 16 piezo elements. After removing the elements from the case, solder longer wires to each of them. Then, insert the elements in the Xylophone. Wrap the solder points with electric tape or heat shrink.

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