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I want to give you a heads up about an important course going live tomorrow.


If you're interested in learning the proper way to build your list with Facebook ads (without getting your account banned), then listen up...


My good friend, New York Times Best Selling Author Ron Douglas, has cracked the code and is going to show you how to get over 500 new leads a day with little $5 Facebook Ads.


Ron decided he had to share his secret methods with a small group of students. 

And he sold the program to his personal email list and from the stage during the Marketing Mayhem event as a 6-week live coaching offer for $997/student.

He said:

“Now since this was going to be the first time I was teaching this course, I knew I had to over-deliver because they were paying good money for this 6-week coaching program.   

The good news for you is, all of my live, end of the week presentations during those 6-weeks were recorded so the students could review each lesson at their convenience.

And to save you time, I've condensed this 6-week program down into just the main components you really need to know to get fantastic results. These recordings and notes are now available to you…”

So he releases:

Five Dollar Posts

Quick Start Training Program


I'm talking mainstream success with appearances on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, NBC News, Home Shopping Network. Not to mention selling over 1.4 million books with Simon & Schuster.

That's no typo - over ONE MILLION FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND darn books and eBooks from the huge audience he was able to build.

This is the guy you want to learn from when it comes to list building and the Facebook opportunity is still wide open.


There is something important you can learn from this...

The best kind of email list you can have is a customer list.

And the best kind of customer list you can have is one which you've over-delivered to.

You know - a list of happy customers ready to buy from you again.


Five Dollar Posts -

A system to will enable you to profitably generate over 500 new leads a day

At 500 a day, you can have an additional 50,000 subscribers in the next 100 days. Just imagine what you can do with those.

Just picture waking up in the morning, sending an email, and taking the rest of the day off as the money flows in.


This is the reality of this business folks. Once you've built your list, life becomes a lot easier.

It can all start with clicking this link and investing a measly $17 to learn a proven system