12 Ideas to Build Your Psychology Practice That You Can Implement Right Away by William Morgan

Private Practice Marketing: 12 Ideas to Build Your Psychology Practice That You Can Implement Right Away

by: William Morgan

1. Create brochures for your general practice and for each specialty or niche service.

2. Develop or polish your networking skills and network with strategic professionals (referral sources) and/or members of your niche market.

3. Develop a seminar or workshop related to your niche service.

4. Have a monthly or quarterly newsletter and send it to referral sources, clients and past clients and other people you have met through networking.

5. Host an open house and send out invitations to get the attention of referral sources and develop relationships.

6. Use a press release when you have a special event or noteworthy happening to get exposure in the community or niche.

7. Do a presentation at a convention, local organization meeting or even a lunch-and-learn talk at a local business.

8. Offer a training program or continuing education course for your colleagues or even your referral sources.

9. Offer a health screening to reach into your community or niche.

10. Write articles for publications as well as for distributing to clients, referral sources and others.

11. Give expertise away by volunteering some time in meeting community needs.

12. Your clients can be one of your best referral sources, so inform them and keep them aware of your services through brochures and articles in your waiting room and sending them your newsletter.