Airplanes and Jets for Chartered Flights

Helicopters, planes, and jets available for chartered flights vary by range, seating, and amenities. Helicopters are used for one to five people traveling short ranges of up to 375 miles. They are used for off shore transport, sightseeing tours, and as air ambulances. A piston plane is also short range, but can travel up to 900 miles. Seating can accommodate between two to eight people, depending on the seating configuration. Examples include Cirrus SR22 and Piper Navajo and are available to passengers who choose to find cheap flights. Short range charters can be expensive, but some are more cost-effective than most people think. An air ambulance, for example, can be chartered for the same cost as a ground ambulance, depending on the distance. It would arrive at the destination much faster and be more comfortable for the patient.

There are two types of planes that are available for short to medium range flights of 1500-2500 miles. Turbo-Prop planes have 10 different models, such as King Air and Cessna Grand Caravan, and can hold up to nine passengers. Light Jets, such as Learjet 40, Eclipse 500, and Cessna Citation, also fit in this flight range. There are approximately 30 models that can hold up to ten passengers. Medium Jets have a range of up to 5000 miles and can hold up to 13 passengers. A Private Jet Charter Quote for a Gulfstream G200 or a Falcon 50 would fall into this category. Super-Mid Jets, like the Citation Sovereign, can seat nine people and has a range of 3300 miles. Large Jets are for long range flights for up to 15 people. The range is over 4000 miles and there are several models available. Gulfstreams, Falcons, and Challengers provide up-scale amenities such as flight phones, galleys, and entertainment centers.

Airliners are available for long range charter flights. Boeing models can cover over 6000 miles and stay in the air for 14 hours. Some can seat up to 172 passengers and are usually used for sports teams and large delegations. There are some that are designed for luxury travel. They carry less passengers, between 14 and 20, but include a shower, a master suite, an additional bedroom, an office, a galley, and a conference room. Large corporation executives, billionaires, royalty, and top celebrities are the most common customers for that type of charter flight. Different models in each category will vary regarding the dimensions of the cabins, the speed at which they travel, and the number of crew need on board.