What are the risk factors for breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the first malignant tumor in female incidence, nike free The causes of breast cancer are not yet fully understood, But it is worth noting that scientists have summed up the seven major risk factors for breast cancer:

Risk factors, family heredity

Shi Ke, a family of hereditary breast cancer, has two forms: A mother suffering from breast cancer, daughter also good breast cancer, age, often occurs before menopause, multi bilateral; The other is a mother who has not had breast cancer, but in a family, at least two sisters have breast cancer, nike free schweiz  The incidence of breast cancer in the family to than families with a family history of breast cancer incidence rate high 2 - 3 times and the breast cancer occurred with amenorrhea, usually unilateral.

Risk factors two, menstrual factors

The age of menarche as early as 12 years of age, the incidence of breast cancer was 2.2 times greater than 17 years of age of menarche; air max Menopause later than 50 years of age, the risk of more than 45 years of menopause after breast cancer increased about 1 times.

Risk factors three, abortion too much

Normal natural abortion does not increase the risk of breast cancer, and repeated artificial abortion, or 18 years of age before many times of artificial abortion, easy to lead to breast disease, increase the risk of breast cancer.

Risk factors four, artificial feeding

Breast feeding is one of the best natural means to prevent breast cancer. Air max 90 Breast cancer can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 20% to 30%.

Risk factors five, depressed mood

In the single woman, left behind women, miss, miss, and some middle school teachers, retired women, breast disease, breast cancer incidence is also high. Because these women are extremely prone to anxiety, loneliness, sadness, depression, depression, irritability, and other depressed mood, Long term adverse emotional stimulation, the body life rhythm disorder, the function of nervous and endocrine system disorders, resulting in an imbalance in the environment, decreased immunity, Can make the thymic generation and release of thymosin decreased, lymphocytes and macrophages in vivo mutation monitoring capabilities of the cells and decreased phagocytic capacity, prone to cancer.

Risk factors six, obesity

Obesity is closely related to breast cancer. The girl is easy to obesity precocious puberty, breast cancer later planted the seeds. Air max schweiz The incidence of breast cancer and other cancers was 3.45 times higher than those in non obese subjects, Because of the excessive accumulation of fat, the estrogen generate increase and excess estrogen is fat storage in adipose tissue and continue to release into the blood, on the breast tissue generation perverses stimulate, with the passage of time, easy to cause breast cancer. Again, the majority of obese patients with high cholesterol and high blood cholesterol, cholesterol in the body after the rise, lymphocytes, macrophages and other cell membrane cholesterol levels, inhibit the immune function.

Risk factors seven, bad lifestyle

With smoking, excessive drinking "modern", go to nightclubs, song and dance halls, night immersed in the scene of debauchery, likes to eat fried foods and desserts., and of coarse grains, vegetables, never touch.