Each day, innumerable stimuli bombard our body. In the outer world of inner darkness floats our brain. These facts raise a question that predates psychology by thousands of years and help inspire its humble beginnings. How does the world get in?


To represent the world in our hands, we must detect physical energy and convert it into neural impulses and to be interpreted by the brain. That's how psychology works. It reveals how we can achieve this state of mind at will-- and turn everyday experience into a moment by moment opportunity for joy and self-fulfillment. 


Psychology is the academic and applied study of the human mind and behavior.  Perhaps there are no more salient topics in the information age and the global economy than a comprehensive understanding of how learning takes place and what predicts and determines human behavior.  The blog is a primer, meant to provide substantive content through which to understand the human condition and to inspire students to continue their learning and growth. (


This blog unveils you to the practical world of psychology, its uses and memorable breakthrough in the race of humankind.


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