Pittsburgh LED Light Fixtures Prettying Up The City

Being green is definitely its own reward. In Pittsburgh however, maintaining an environmentally-responsible firm can win you points. Since 2011, the group known as Sustainable Pittsburgh has been in charge of a program they've labeled the Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge. The Challenge lends credibility to the environmental activities of its participants via third party verification. Each activity undertaken by a participant earns that participant a predetermined number of points. There are three competitive groups--large business, medium business, and small business--withing which every firm competes to gain the most points.

In the first couple years, only for-profits were considered. But starting this year, a category for nonprofits was created. Seeing a unique opportunity, the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh decided to take part in the Challenge. And the choice was a wise one. The CMoP was awarded a silver medal in its category (Medium Nonprofit).

The Museums streamlined recycling and paid attention to every little detail. Having been overlooked for years, photocopying was shifted from one to two-sided. A large portion of the Museums' advancements can be traced to its embrace of LED Interior Lights. The use of LEDs has only recently gained favor amongst art museums and the like. Obviously lighting is extremely crucial to displaying artworks and there was initially concern about the quality of LED lighting. But recently, the technology of these lights is advancing everyday and is beginning to win over even the most stringent critics. Also bolstering the case are scientific studies that show no long-term damage as the result of commercial LED lighting fixtures.

Pittsburgh is positioning itself as a leader in green technologies. Efforts such as the Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge are spearheading this upward ecological trend. This is in addition to the number of green businesses that have already set up shop in the city. Take for example, Laface and Mcgovern Associates, a Pittsburgh light manufacturer that is responsible for many of the most iconic Pittsburgh LED lighting installations.

Obviously, we should do what is ecologically-responsible, but it makes the prospect that much easier when there are accolades to be won. It is these kinds of programs that lead to beautiful cities inside and out. And Pittsburgh gets more pretty with each passing year.