Cashmere knowledge

Lots of people think cashmere is just fineness wool, actually it is wrong, cashmere is different from wool. Cashmere is a special fiber on the goat but wool is from sheep. Cashmere’s value is much higher than wool’s value.


Below are the difference between cashmere and wool:

1, cashmere fiber was called “soft golden” by people, its surface scale is small and smooth, there is an air lay in the fiber, so it is light and smooth. Wool’s surface scale’s arrangement is close and thick than cashmere, its felt ability is big than cashmere.

2, Fullness, soft, good elastic and suitable are another name of the cashmere, its curly quantity, curly rate are big and it has a good reduction character. But wool’s curly degree is small relatively.

3, cashmere’s cortex content is higher than wool, cashmere fiber’s rigidity is better than wool, so cashmere is softer than wool.

4, cashmere’s fineness irregularity is smaller than wool, so cashmere product’s outside quality is better than wool.

5, cashmere fiber fineness is very even, its density is small than wool, cross section is regular circle, its product is light than wool product.

6, cashmere’s hygroscopic is better than wool, it can absorb dye fully and do not fade easily.

7, “fiber queen” is usually nobility usually feminine, so we need to care it carefully, cashmere is more sensitive about acid, soda and hot reaction than wool, even at the situation of low temperature and low concentration acid and soda , it is obviously when hurt, and it is also sensitive about oxidizing including chlorine.

8, as cashmere raw material ‘s quality is high, fineness is small, surface scale is close, curly degree is good and hand touch is soft, so it is easy to mixed and pilling , but wool product ‘s anti-pilling character is better than cashmere.


After knowing the introduction of the cashmere, I believe that you will know better about the cashmere. It is not exaggerated calling cashmere “diamond fiber” .cashmere‘s annual output is very low and superior material is less so like a precious diamond. It is important to choose a faithful supplier, Consinee regards every customer based on the superior raw material and good craft, creative a good praise of Consinee .