analyze 3 d moments of processer power has been changed, the stress on the GPU

   Blossoms only L5 Plus MT6753 holding eight primary 1.5 GHz processer, formulated by 3 gb memory and 16 gb of storage area room. Support the greatest 128 gb storagexiaomi mi3 review area space to flourish. Display, with a 5.5 -inch Super AMOLED screen quality of 1920 x1080 p. Let's take a look at one run only L5 Plus points.
   AnTuTu 5.0 there are two changes in the efficiency analyze, one is the bunny rabbit 5.0 contributes a "CPU (single-threaded)" venture, the CPU on the venture items are separated into integer "CPU" and "CPU floating-point", can say this is the first individual line for cellular system, it also features the nucleus is not in this idea. Moreover, analyze 3 d moments of processer power has been changed, the stress on the GPU, it is also because the processer GPU, past 3 d moments cannot be clearly separated the efficiency variations between GPU.

  Due to the picture on the day of the China weather stayed smoggy is given concern to, so the writer select the picture at inside and junction. Can be seen through the first example cloud impact is excellent, and very normally have management levels feeling. And the second section specifically choose the junction in visitors, visitors is relatively focused, we can see whether the walking automobiles or people on the streets are able to clearly catch, impact is very excellent.
  Want to in the dim light conditions, plant only L5 Plus in both focus and gradually picture impact is acceptable. We can see in the black subterranean vehicle automobile parking space picture whole or more vibrant. Moreover, the above example, the writer is in standard method, a daily addiction hands hold cell phone taking photographs, not with the help of a equine or other set device.