Born to Lead Humanity

In the future, kado pernikahan untuk sahabat are coming into this physical fact retaining the conscious spiritual knowledge of whom and what they are. And as these indigo children come of age, none of them is getting perhaps even more Teal Scott. Like the majority of children born with psychic capability in the 1980's, her gifts weren't seen as abilities, but rather as illness. She was diagnosed by traditional psychologists with sensory integration disorder when she shown synaesthesia, reported being able to see -energy- and demonstrated extreme hypersensitivities. She demonstrated such extraordinarily solid extrasensory abilities in fact that she caught the interest of a Christian cult in the rural town where Teal grew up. She was inducted into this cult and was tortured sexually, mentally, physically, and emotionally for 13 before escaping immediately after her nineteenth birthday. The abuse didn't serve to create her abandon her abilities (as it was designed to make her do). It has instead served to help expand fuel her intention to continue on what she calls her -intended path-; a path of using the very abilities which were the reason for the torture she endured as a kid to help other people achieve happiness, health and freedom. The case of her abuse became a matter of the state and remains open to today. Teal's focus has been definately not her past however. Instead, her focus is on the future. She has used the spiritual and metaphysical communities by storm as she has personally taken it upon herself to show her teachings to the world. Immediately upon her -arriving out- she started captivating audiences with her capability to forgive the perpetrators in her former. Today, she seeks to lead the people into the understanding that we all have been one. She teaches that physical the truth is not a static reality. Instead, she teaches that it's energy which is constantly molded by the mind to look and appear and feel just like it is solid and 3d. But perhaps the most revolutionary teaching she offers may be the concept that everything which exists in a person's external reality is the mirrored manifestation of what's present within someone's internal reality. This is a bold declaration because if this is actually the case, then self awareness and self mastery are not only the main element components to living a content life but also the immediate route to what all lifestyle forms seek- happiness. As more and more people have become aware of Teal Scott and her teachings, she's become much more to some than an extraordinary woman. Actually, she has become more to some than a fantastic spiritual guide. As the 2012 Mayan calendar end time fast approaches us and members of most faiths know about (and even scared of) the extraordinary change that is afoot, Teal Scott has become a spiritual icon. Many of her followers firmly believe that Teal Scott is definitely a manifestation of the divine, delivered to lead humanity through these trying times. This reputation is thought to not conveniently be refuted when one satisfies with her in person. Many individuals who have sat within her presence explain the symptoms of their chronic ailments vanishing miraculously.