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BoxCar has just been released, with a suite of features we as marketers LOVE – at a no-brainer of a price. Let see this following review in detail.




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Tired of paying for chat applications with loads of limitations and PER AGENT plans?

So were we! But not anymore…

A new software that JUST has been released to the public, is reinventing live chat.

For a short time, you can have access to “BoxCar” and install live chat on your site for…

– Unlimited Personal Websites

– Unlimited Agents

– Unlimited Chats

BoxCar also comes with the normal Live Chat features most other platform include, PLUS amazing features geared for Marketers…

[+] Call-to-Actions

Be able to push a call to action to the person you are chatting with, LIVE while you are chatting with them.

Push things like Lead Capture Forms, Buy Buttons, Images, etc…direction in the chat box (this is huge)!

[+] Canned Responses

Create a set of canned responses that you can send with just 1-click.

[+] Automatic Translation

Be able to chat with anyone in the world, regardless of their language. Have your chat automatically translated on the fly so you never lose a sale due to a language barrier.

[+] Chat Designs

Using some psychology behind our designs, they have created a number of professionally designed widgets that will get the users attention and entice them to start a conversation with you.

[+] Chat History / Management

Be able to look back at any conversations you had with a person a day, week, month or even year ago to help pick up where you left off the conversation.

[+] Chat Status

With 1-click you can turn your chat widget from Online to Offline if no agents are available to chat with your visitors.  Don’t worry visitors can still leave a message for you when you get back.

[+] Agent Management

Have multiple agents handling chat? Pass any chat conversation to another agent direction from inside the platform.

…and a TON of other really neat features!

BoxCar is something crazy!!

Something like... 7.5x Increase in Conversion

or 80% Reduction in Transaction Costs

or 55% Increase in Purchase Order