Top 7 fundraising some ideas

Maybe you have been given the work of planning a fund-raising event and are stuck for ideas? Here is seven good and simple some ideas that you can organise:-

Cookie Dough fundraisers

This really is a great fundraiser for many times of the entire year. Simply take orders and sell tubs of delicious cookie dough for your group. Income 30-50%.

Fund-raising Cookbooks

Usually described as a recipe for fund-raising success (groan!) - making a cook book is great for groups such as charities, schools, churches and hospitals. New publishing practices make it easy to cash in on selling just a couple of as well as hundreds of cookbooks. If you have an opinion about operations, you will possibly fancy to check up about rate us online. Profit per book from $3-$10.

Pizza Fundraiser cards

People will be happy to purchase these cards which entitle them to free pizzas. This may be ideal, if your team is spread out geographically. Perfect for small groups because of small minimum order requirements. Profit margins 70-90%.

Scratch card fundraising

Simple to order and could be printed to connect to your team e.g. Baseball, football, high school, etc. Each individual in your group starts fundraising with 1 scratch card. They just approach friends, family, and neighbors and keep these things damage too! Pro-fit stages from 90% upwards.