I Was Introduced To Lsd On My 15th Birthday At A Led Zeppelin Concert!

This was probably one of the most essential hadiah untuk pria of my adolescent years. The 15th birthday may not look like a milestone time to many people, but I actually i felt really older and sensible!

The reason it was was right down to a a small amount of things, but the most crucial from a life-changing viewpoint was that i visited a Led Zeppelin concert, and at exactly the same time took my 1st tab of acid!

To give you just a little background of where i was in my own life i will tell you that i was at a spot called Peper Harow, that was a "therapeutic community" near Godalming, sort of boarding school for troubled youthful geniuses (genii?). I had been delivered to this place because i was under the care of the council. You'd to pass an IQ check that showed you had been of excellent intelligence before you had been allowed an interview with the top of Peper Harow, and also then only 50% of the candidates were victorious.

I have been put "in treatment" as i was bunking off school, and running abroad. The last straw came when i broke into a home through desperation after living rough for two weeks. I stole some clothes and 200 pounds, and went off to Listowel in Ireland (Kerry) for 90 days, but that's another legend!
On my return i actually was captured, convicted of breaking and entering, put into care, and then sent to an "assessment centre", where they decide whether to send one to a "borstal" or "community school". There was not too much difference between the two as far as i was concerned therefore i decided to escape there as quick as feasible, and over the fence i went at the first opportunity.

The Social Services then sent me to the therapeutic community as an experiment, and i actually stayed generally there for some months before going off on my own once again....

Anyway, i digress. This is about my birthday. Therefore i was a great fan of the best rock-band ever, Led Zeppelin, and was desperate to go to this concert. My birthday is usually March 28th and that calendar year, luckily, it fell on Easter weekend, so i was at home on leave at my parent's home in Neasden, North London..

Therefore i met up with my pal Alain from Peper Harow. He was on leave at his mothers home in Baker Street, but in some way knew someone who was offering posters outside this Led Zeppelin concert, and he didn't just sell posters! He had arranged with Alain for us to meet up him and he was going to provide us some acid (LSD, trips, whatever you need to call it), and also happened to know somebody who worked on the door, and may get us entry for just a fiver.
We met this guy as arranged, and, me being the way-out nutter i liked to think I was at that time, dropped the acid immediately. I had heard many tales about it, but nothing at all could have prepared me for the amazing ramifications of this fantastic drug.