Xtractor 2.0 Review and Premium $14,700 Bonus

Xtractor 2.0 Review and Premium $14,700 Bonus

Get More Traffic With XTractor 2.0

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Are you looking for a way you can get targeted leads so easy in just a few minutes?

Why not try the Xtractor 2.0, a perfectly designed product to help you get leads in snap with its amazing features.


Extract From Search

Search for people -> Click -> Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Groups

Go to the Group "Members" Page -> Click -> Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Page

Go to the page -> Click -> Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Event

Go to the event page, click on 'going' / 'maybe' / 'invited' -> Click -> Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Post

Go to the post page, you can click on the date of the post -> Click -> Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Image / Video

Go to the image/video post, you can click on the date of the post -> Click -> Get FB Emails & UIDs

How does that happen?

You see,  the Xtractor 2.0 is designed to allow you to “extract” Facebook emails from groups, events, posts likes posts comments and posts shares.

You can use it to extract leads from virtually ANYWHERE by simple click on the extension. Doing so, you can get leads from all audiences you see.

With Xtractor 2.0, you are able to extract leads from Search, Group, Page, Event, Post, Image and Video that you see in Facebook.

It definitely is a perfect tool for Facebook marketers.

If you want to learn more of what the Xtractor 2.0 can do, please don’t hesitate to visit us.