With reference to the influence of

With reference to the influence of concrete composition and exposure conditions:(4)Specimens with crystalline admixtures showed a more stable and reliable behavior in healing tests, featuring lower dispersion and clearer trends.(5)Specimens Cyclosporine with concrete containing crystalline admixtures and stored under water immersion achieved the highest self-healing rates, with values around 0.95 even for the larger initial crack widths (around 0.25 mm) and several specimens with complete healing.(6)The presence of water is critical for the self-healing to take place for both reference concrete and crystalline admixture concrete. Neither control specimens nor hardwoods with crystalline admixtures healed when exposed to moist conditions.(7)The four exposures in order of decreasing permeability healing rate are: water immersion (around 0.90) > water contact (around 0.80) > humidity chamber (around 0.15) > air exposure (around −0.15).
AcknowledgementThe authors would like to thank Sika A.G. and Elite Cementos S.L. for the material donations for the project.