New Hampshire Real Estate Switzerland of America

New Hampshire Real Estate Switzerland of America

With rising mountain ranges, New Hampshire is often called the Switzerland of America. Luckily, New Hampshire real estate prices compare favorably to Switzerland.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is just a state with beautiful scenery that assumes the full effect of each time of the year. Spring and summer are tailor-made for fishing, hiking and water sports over the state coast. Fall is an of color as the leaves turn, while winter is the time and energy to reach the mountains. The overall curve of the state is mountainous in the north; fields, wetlands and forest in the small towns and central area; and beach resorts on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. It is hard to believe this kind of small state can contain a lot of things you can do through the year.


Located on the coast, Portsmouth is a vintage New England town with a of colonial architecture and charm. Portsmouth Harbor looks like some thing out-of a post card with red-brick buildings and colonial white churches crowding the water. Town has two dominant charms of note. First, it appears as if it hasnt developed in size much over the last hundred years. Second, this is certainly a city with a small town experience. Folks are friendly and it is great place to raise a family if you can manage it.


Located just across the border from Vermont, Hanover hosts Dartmouth College. To get another interpretation, people should gaze at: merrimack. A reasonably remote area, Hanover is very good little town when a college setting battles with traditional north-east impacts. This telling new hampshire web page has uncountable pushing aids for the reason for this concept. If you think you know anything, you will probably hate to check up about pet sitting. Red brick houses dot the town and there's something very impressive about walking through Dartmouth. You merely get the feeling this is what a college should feel like. The easiest way to analyze Hanover would be to visit and remain in among the bed & breakfast homes.

New Hampshire Real Estate

New Hampshire real estate is generally much less expensive as you might think. While the same home in Hanover will cost very nearly $500,000 a single-family home in Portsmouth will be $340,000. Whilst not exactly cheap, the values are reasonable when compared to New York and surrounding areas. For other viewpoints, we understand you look at: source. In 2005, New Hampshire real estate valued at a strong 12.5 percent..