Vitamin D-The essence of human body

The vital nutrients present in a rich diet of an individual include vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibres, etc. Every nutrient has its own importance and plays an important role in your life. As already told that all the nutrients have their own importance, but amongst those the vitamins are playing a very prominent role in your life. 13 types of vitamins are present in your body and each one of them is further categorised and has a particular role to play.


Significance of Vitamins in our body

Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, etc are the different types of vitamins, which your body consists of. Every nutrient present in your food has its own importance, indeed vitamins are the essence of the human body as it helps your body in protection from very harmful diseases. Some of the harmful diseases include asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, skin cancer, lung cancer, etc.


Vitamins and diet

 As per a doctor’s recommendation a healthy and a rich diet is considered as a vital source of gaining vitamins. A healthy diet must include milk, chicken, meat, fruits, green vegetables, etc. But, every one of you doesn’t take such a balanced diet. So, for this kind of individuals, vitamin supplements have been developed as a result of conducting a number of researches. Although, vitamin and supplements help you in fulfilling your deficiency of vitamin D, but a healthy diet can never be replaced with the vitamin D supplements. 


Even the cheapest, reliable, natural and the best vitamin supplement in India, which is really easy to acquire is the sunlight, fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables. As already discussed, there are vitamin supplements, which are available either online or in the market.  But, before taking any vitamin supplement into use, it is required to consult a doctor, so as to collect information regarding its side effects. And is the most important for those individuals with medications.