Can I Treat Piles Or Hemorrhoids Naturally At Home?

Hemorrhoids are the common ailments of the rectum that affects most of the people by the age of 50 years. This condition in addition to being painful is embarrassing as well. Many people look for ways to treat hemorrhoids naturally and there is the best herbal remedy called as Pilesgon capsule to help out men and women suffering from this health issue. This is a natural remedy that can provide answer to the above-mentioned question. Yes, patients with this health issue can place order for this product right at the comfort of their home and this is why it can be stated as the home remedy.

What are the conditions treated?

This herbal remedy can cure the following issues:

1. Infection and inflammation in rectum

2. Irritation, pain and itching in anus

3. Piles regardless of whether it is dry or bleeding piles

4. Internal and external hemorrhoids.

Effective ingredients: This herbal remedy can treat piles naturally because of the effective ingredients and here are the details about some of the constituents of these capsules:


1. It is a natural herb for effective treatment of this condition

2. It can provide faster relief from constipation and pain

3. It can provide excellent remedy for digestive issues

4. Patients with chronic piles can get excellent relief from irritation and pain in rectum with this herbal ingredient present in these capsules to treat piles naturally.


1. This ingredient has long been used by herbalists for providing relief to patients with hemorrhoids.

2. Each and every part of this plant is helpful and known for medicinal properties. When talking about the plant, it is considered diaphoretic and root can treat cough, white flower can be effective for conjunctivitis, rheumatism and fever.

3. The seed of this plant can help in treating dysuria, flatulence, intestinal colic, psoriasis and many other skin disorders and so it can provide relief for pain in the skin caused due to piles.


1. This herbal ingredient can treat piles naturally because of its effectiveness in providing relief for both internal and external bleeding. It can also treat wounds.

2. It is known for its analgesic, antibacterial, laxative, stomachic and sedative properties as well.

3. As it can cure cuts and scrapes, it can relieve the pain associated with fisher caused due to piles.


1. The leaves of this herbal plant are used for hypertension and the seeds are known for their astringent, febrifuge, anthelmintic, depurative and carminative properties.

2. It is widely used by herbalists for treating piles and this is why it is added to Pilesgon capsules to treat hemorrhoids naturally.


1. This is an herbal ingredient in these capsules just because, it is widely used for treating patients with slow digestion problem.

2. Another important reason for its addition in these capsules is that it is effective in curing bleeding piles.

3. As this herb has hemostatic properties, it can address bleeding in an effective manner in any part of the body.

So, those looking for ways to treat hemorrhoids naturally can get the right and natural cure from their home with the help of Pilesgon capsules.

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