How To Use The Micro Niche Finder Tool - Part 2

In part 1 of the series of articles on how best to use the micro niche finder, I had model baju batik kantor how exactly to activate the Micro Niche market Finder tool and what type of options and feature you can expect to see when you have opened the main screen of the Micro Market Finder. In this post I am going to talk about how you can get yourself started the Micro Niche Finder and commence looking for, as James's Jones the of Micro Niche Finder put its, beneath the radar niche markets.

So lets begin. I want to start off by stating that the Micro Niche can be an extremely easy tool to use. All you need to do when starting off is to enter a "base keyword phrase" into the search box near the top of the program interface and click on the search switch. Within a matter of seconds, the micro market finder will go right to work at finding possible market keywords using your entered phrase as a starting point.

Let me show you what a base keyword phrase is. It can be a number of things such as for example -

1. Pre-term - A pre-term is usually a word or phrase that folks use in combination with their specific keyword phrases and Micro Niche Finder will return up to 250 possible market keywords.

2. Item name - Enter the name of something you'd like to promote and Micro Specific niche market Finder will come back narrow keywords related to that product.

3. Broad keyword phrase - You can enter a broad keyword like car, credit card, football, style etc.. and the micro specific niche market finder will return all sorts of niche keyword possibilities.

Now, after entering a key phrase of your choice and clicking the search switch you will be taken up to a screen showing the preliminary results of your search. I'm going to explain to you a few of the search screen results by definition.

Phrase - they are the niche keyword or keywords that will be returned based the term you entered. MNF will come back 275 different phrases for every base term you enter.

Search count - This is actually the number of estimated searches performed for the given term per month.

Broad Match count - This is actually the quantity of webpages that are indexed in google for the provided broad match phrase. Bare in mind that this is the count returned by google when a searcher enters a search phrase without quotes.

Exact phrase count - The number of webpages that are indexed in google for the given exact term. This count is returned by clicking the "Get exact term count" link for every phrase. If you click on the "exact term count" column header you will cause the micro specific niche market finder to sort the results in ascending order by specific phrase count. In the event that you click the "exact phrase
count" column header another time, micro niche finder will sort the results in descending order by specific phrase count.

Ok, I'll stop writing here because of this article on how to get started with Micro Niche Finder.