Trust - best contract between lock supplier and customers

Sometimes I just wonder why we need so many contracts between different persons. And this could be say we have no trust or we just need a guarantee between each other. So does for the window and door accessories suppliers China and customers. However, I still believe become of trust, we will make business blossom.


Yes, it is definitely right that we need contract when we do something, even for the honorable marriage or love. We need to protect our salary, our rights, and our value when we make a contract between each other. For example, if you are a lock supplier in door hardware wholesale China, I believe you wouldn’t give a lock for a customer without receiving the money. Of course, so do I. however, could you believe your high quality product will appeal the customers come to your shop store and buy it again. That is the trust I said in the title. So let’s do business with the basic trust between suppliers and customers.


Whether you are the supplier in discount kitchen cabinet accessories wholesale China or another industry, trust is the first lesson we need to learn.